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Pest on Papaya Fruit

An excellent source of vitamin A and C an aid to digestion, papaya is a popular fruit. Papaya can be easily grown in most of state below 2000 feet. In highest elevations the plant has difficulty bearing mature fruit. Best production will be at 500 feet or lower.

You can use seeds from fresh of papaya. However to do this you must first dry several dozen seed several   in a dish or jar lid for several days. Then plant the seeds in groups of 3 or 4, or scatter all the seed in area about 2 x 10 feet. When planting seeds, cover ¼ inch of soil. Tamp down and water gently. Never allow the soil to dry out round your papaya tress, especially when n they young

Now i will discuss about most dangerous pest that attacking papaya cultivation. Please read the discussion follow as below :

Fruit Flies
It is  important pest of papaya. It is of worldwide distribution. Though all report generally indicate that papaya is the only host(e.g Philips, 1946) mango has also been reported as a host by some workers( Wolfenbarger, 1955). The damage caused by this pest is similar to that of other fruit flies. However apart from mature fruit  the papaya fruit fly can oviposit in the seed cavity on young unripened fruit with early larvae feeding on the seed and lining of the seed cavity and later larvae in the flesh. Fruit fly pest plants are usually pierced with a snout and mouth and then put the fruit through the skin . Period time egg incubation of about 0.1 to 20 days. Papaya fruit fly breeding fast and clustered. The effects of fruit loss stings, if not a bump fall the fruit.
How to overcome them please to create a trap with a plastic bottle in the stimuli used petrogenol, or put in mothballs hanging around papaya, fruit flies function as a repellent making fruit flies do not bring himself to eat.

Plant Lice (aphids).
The expression of the pest depend on climatic condition, plant nutrition status and varietal sensibility. Characteristics  of this pest have a soft body length of 2-3 mm with colour green, yellow or black. Tube has a pair of protrusions on the back of the abdomen, grouse and long legs. Adult fleas, there are winged and not. The destroy  plants by sucking the fluid with a long suction   in the mouth.
This Mite can be eradicated by spraying  Derris powder or flour of sulfur on the leaves.

Mite red / brown / green
Similar forms of pest spider mites,this pest are small less than 1mm. This mite destroy the  papaya plant pests by suck plant on young leaves. Parts attacked become scars discolored  and blackened yellow polka dots and grow shrink unhealthy. .
Solution: If exposed to red mite control with sulfur powder on the exhale the way to the surface of infected papaya leaves. You also can spraying using Akarisida (such kelthane or morestan). (Note : Read the rules of use in packaging and do not wear more than the recommended dose)termite

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