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Pest Control on Pitaya Fruit

Pitaya Fruit or dragon fruit   plants, is the plants that are resistant in fact alive and relatively easy to maintain. But of course there is always a disturbance in the cultivation of pests and diseases that attack that could result in products  suffer losses. Therefore must be considered if you have any pests and diseases that attack the pitaya/dragon fruit plant. The name refers to the pitaya fruit , edible fruit of the plant species:

Hylocereus undatus, a red fruit with white flesh.
Hylocereus polyrhizus, the pink fruit with red flesh.
Selenicereus megalanthus fruit with yellow skin and white flesh.
Hylocereus costaricensis, dragon fruit with a very red color of the fruit.

1. The pests that attack the pitaya fruit plant


Mites (Tetranychus sp.) will attack the bark or branches that damage tissue that serves to assimilation of chlorophyll from green to brown. Please spray the Omite at a dose of 1-2 g / ltr of water that made it 2-3 times a week.

White ticks/ Mealybug

Dragon fruit plant pest infestation that attacked whites (mealybug) on the surface of the trunk or branches will be webbed black and looks dirty. These pests can be controlled by spraying with Kanon with dose of 1-2 cc / ltr of water once a week on a branch that was attacked. Usually two white flea spraying pest is gone. Generally located at the branch that is not exposed to direct sun and pests attacked branches will look dull.

Pest infestation shell (Aspidiotus sp.) Attack plants by sucking the liquid on the trunk or branches causing branch turn yellow. Control can also use the same way as the pest control fleas and ticks white scales.


Pest snails are very detrimental to plant dragon fruit because of damage by gnawing the trunk or branches and branches can lead to rot. Pest is due to a lack of cleanliness maintained gardens.


In general, ants will appear at the dragon fruit plants start flowering. Ants start swarming around the new flower buds and fruit will cause the skin will be speckled brown fruit which of course the price will decrease with such qualities. Control  by spraying with Gusadrin a dose of 2 cc / liter of water.

Disturbance of birds at the dragon fruit is generally infrequent and do not need to worry. Usually attack the fruit that has been cooked on the top.

2. Dragon / Pitaya Fruit Diseases

Diseases that attack the dragon fruit plants do not count many types and causes. However, if the plants attacked should be addressed immediately so as not to spread to other plants. Here is a dragon fruit diseases and their causes and treatment measures:

The base stem rot
This disease usually attacks in the early planting of dragon fruit, dragon fruit crops are rotting from the base of the stem, brown and white fur there. Decay is caused by excessive soil moisture so that it appears that the fungus that causes rot Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. This disease often occurs in the seedling root cuttings that have not grown in the piece.

Treatment plant dragon fruit are attacked by this disease by spraying of Benlate with a dose of 2 g / liter of water or use Ridomil 2 g / liter of water once a month. When symptoms appear yellowish at the base of the stem then immediately spraying is done on the entire trunk and preferably at the base of the stem is attacked.

For the prevention of this disease can be done along with irrigation and spraying fungicides Atonik base of the stem on the plant area that was 30 days at the beginning of the planting.

Rot Bacteria
Symptoms of a dragon fruit plant disease is plant looks wilted, dull, yellowish-white mucus found in the plants decay. The disease is caused by Pseudomonas sp. Treatment by removing diseased, then the planting hole was given Basamid  dose of 0.5 to 1 g  in powder form in the planting hole is then planted new seeds.

Diseases caused by Fusarium oxysporium Schl. Symptoms include branch plants wrinkled, withered, and brown rot. overcome by spraying with Benlate dose water 2g/liter dose 1-2 times a week spraying on the trunk and branches.

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Pest Control - Welcome :) Exactly. Pest control is not just the prevention of crop munching / destruction - it is also vital in the prevention of plant diseases, such as ants, which transport scale which drain the sap of a plant, and thus weaken / kill it.

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