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Coffee Plant Diseases

Here is the most of Coffee Plant Diseases that attack on the crop.

1. Leaf rust disease (HV Disease )

Primarily affects arabica coffee in the lowlands, is caused by a fungus Hemileia vastatrix.
Symptoms: pale yellow spots on leaves that turn dark yellow and covered with powdery spores, especially on the lower leaf surface. The longer the spots enlarge and coalesce, and then dried. In severe attacks around the tree looks yellowish, then the leaves fall, and dead trees.

Control: Plants attacked badly sprayed with Anvil 6650 EC, 250 EC and Benlate Beyleton, then cut down and burned. For prevention, spray plants with fungicides at each ahead of the rainy season, once in three weeks.

2. Upas fungus diseases :

Upas diseases is caused by the salmonicolor fungus , mainly in the humid parts of plants such as the lower branches and twigs.

Symptoms: There is a thin fibrous millennium like a spider’s web, then form a millennium and turned into a reddish nodule. The attacks continued  cause plants to dry, the leaves wilt and hang on the branches.

Control: Reduce humidity by reducing shade; trunk or branch of the pain is still small in size (diameter <1 cm) was cut 10 cm below the base of the part. Pieces of diseased stems and branches are collected and then burned. Stem or branch that pain is quite large in size, if the attack is still early, the pain is quite smeared with fungicides or Copper Sandoz RM Calixin 0.4% formulation or basting fungicide Bordeaux, or porridge Carnolineum 5%. If the attacks had continued, the stem or branch of a sick cut, the rest of the cut branch or stem and branches around RM Calixin smeared with fungicides or Copper Sandoz or basting fungicide or Bordeaux, or porridge Carnolineum 5% in the affected areas.

3.   Black  and Chocolate root disease

Black root disease caused by fungus Rosellina bunodes and R. arcuata, while the brown root disease caused by fungus Fomes.

Symptoms: black root color  and root brown: yellowing leaves, wilting, and hang up, then fall and finally the plant dies.

Control of black root disease and root brown: Unloading coffee tree to its roots and burned; Give 200 g of flour of sulfur in the former pit demolition is inserted into the ground, then stirred and the hole should not be planted for one year; Improve drainage so that water is not stagnant; Isolation of plant affected by making a trench as deep as 1 m around the plant area affected.

4. Brown leaf spots

Brown leaf spot diseases is caused by the fungus Cercospora cafeicola Berk et Cooke.

Symptoms: There is a circular brown spots on leaves, white in the middle and red at the edges. When attacking the fruit, the fruit is black, wrinkled, fall out prematurely. Fruit skin hardens.

Control: reduce the moisture by reducing shade garden, pruning the coffee plants that are not productive, thinning seedlings, improve drainage, cut and burn the affected plants. Chemically spray with fungicide Benlate, Benlate WP T20/20 and Dithane M-45 80 WP, 50 WP 0.2% Bavistin, Cupravit OB 21 0.35%, 0.2% Delsene MX 200 as recommended formulation.

5. Dead End Disease

Coffee diseases are caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia.Symptoms: Leaves on affected branches will turn yellow and fall, then branch off starting from the end.

Control: Prune affected branches (pruning done on the branch that is still healthy), then the clipping burned or buried; Spray the entire plant with a fungicide.

6. Black spots  diseases

This diseases are caused by a fungus Cephaleuros Coffea.
Symptoms: The skin of fruit is not ripe dark patches arise which then extends to the entire leaf and skin of the fruit dry and black. Patches then grow hair on the edges there are grains of fine red plant diseases

Control: Spray with a fungicide when the leaf and fruit in the garden is still very young, but when the fruit should be picked just old and then boiled for processed dry, and burn the infected fruit.

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